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About Us

Garuda Internet Exchange (Garuda-IX) is an Internet Exchange from Indonesia that was created from the community to create an internet ecosystem interconnected between ISPs, CDNs, Companies and others without having to be expensive. We also provide content (prefix) such as Facebook, Akamai, Zenlayer, Amazon AWS, Cloudflare and some other interesting content.

Service PoP and Port Speed

Garuda-IX is ready at 2 DCs Jakarta. You can specify the port you want to use.

Datahall: 1Gbps, 10Gbps (FO, SM LC-LC)
APJII Cyber: 1Gbps (FO, SM LC-LC)

If you are a personal ASN or not from a company, you can use VPS Garudabit or Transit ASN that has been registered as a member.

Our Members

Name ASN IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Port Speed
Garuda Internet Exchange 200566 2a12:dd47:d300:d400::1 10 Gbit/s
PT Atharva Telematika Persada 150249 2a12:dd47:d300:d400::2 1 Gbit/s
Youssef Hamed 207740 2a12:dd47:d300:d400::3 1 Gbit/s

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